The intention is to empower children in the process of group interaction and collaboration
As well as the ability to become responsible citizens by contributing to their community.


The purpose of the classes is to create a venue where children:

  • Invent, Design and Collaborate
  • In groups with 4 children
  • One on one consultation
  • Ages 8 to 12
  • Older children mentor younger ones

Imagine Playshops Presents:

Format: each class is 2 hours
Class One: Introduction with parents and children.
Presentation: “Good, Better and Best In Children’s Environments” Snacks are served
Class Two: Children bring in photos and measurements of their rooms.
Interactive groups of 4 discuss each child’s ideas about their room.
Pens, crayons, paper, color chips, carpet samples,
catalogues and access to online catalogues. Tablets with Pro-create.
Class Three: Children assemble their ideas with designer.
Class Four: Continuation of Class Three.
Class Five: Presentation