Nominated one of the Great Designers of the World.
Barons Who’s Who, 1999

“She has a persistent intelligence that is always seeking a deeper understanding and thereby is able to enrich conversations, both by her questions and comments.”

Forest A. Hartman, California College of the Arts

“I found her to be A Team player, Knowledgeable, Able and with the ability to innovate.”

Frank Lammar, Westeck Construction Group

“Kore’ has a great aesthetic and is adept in understanding the needs and objectives of her colleagues, neighbors and partners.”

Forest Stiton, creative producer@ ntobrands

“As a mature adult and mother of a grown son, she expresses an acute understanding of what helps children awaken to their own imagination and inspiration.”

Yvonne Ginsberg, Google consultant

“I am impressed by the concern and energy which this Montecito Union parent has devoted to a volunteer effort to improve the schools program and give more studied direction to future development of the physical plant.”

Sam Hurst, founder AIA, Montecito, CA.

“We found her color sense extraordinarily good. We could only equate it to “painterly” rather than a pure decorative direction.”

Michael Bedner, Hirsch Bedner & Associates