Room as Theater


This conceptual children’s room exploring the idea of room as theater is embodied by the following:

  • The floor is a map, an abstraction of the earth.
  • The walls are tactile surfaces, on which sets can be tacked.
  • The ceiling reflects the sky.
  • The organic furniture is designed to have long term uses and promotes fantasy.
  • A large mirror reflects the transforming characters.
  • Pegs, lining the hallway, display assorted costumes.
  • Lighting is ambient except for those on the towers.
  • Colors are subtle and reflect earth tones.

A Young Child’s Bedroom

  • The room is totally child safe, low to the ground.
  • A futon replaces the bars of a crib.
  • The theme is sky and light and freedom as well as unlimited potential.
  • The closet is multi-purpose with room for an art table with storage.
  • The toys are all age appropriate, artistic and beneficial towards the child’s development.
  • Later, as the child matures, the futon is replaced by a bed-knock…a cozy and secure space for sleep and relaxation.
  • A mural is painted in this area depicting a fantasy rural scene.

Johnson’s Residence

Children’s Art Room:

  • Simple wood furniture in subtle colors dominates the room.
  • Wood blocks stimulate the child’s imagination.
  • A sculptural red rocking horse as well as classic antique toys introduces the child to art, culture and history.

Family Play Space and Music Room:

  • The theme is Southwestern Cowboy…. suitable for children but sophisticated enough for adults.
  • The central table creates a drumming circle where family and friends gather to create music.
  • The furnishings are multi-purpose, artistic and scaled for children as well as adults.

Children’s Discovery Room:

  • Hand painted stenciled wooden blocks are used to create a pedestal for a train set.
  • The decorations introduce the child to world culture and history.